Tuesday April 20, 2010

A special about the opera singer Emma Lajeunesse, know as l'Albani!

To end April on a high note, pianist-composer Marie-Andrée Ostiguy presents a special RENDEZ-VOUS EN MUSIQUE about Chambly-born opera singer, Emma Lajeunesse, known as l’Albani.

In this special broadcast commemorating the 80th anniversary of the death and the 140th anniversary of the professional debut of l’Albani, Marie-Andrée Ostiguy interviews Christiane Fournier, director of the Atelier lyrique de Chambly and Pierre Vachon, musicologist, biograph, director of communications, marketing and special projects at the Opéra de Montréal, who relates the great lines of the international career of our first great Canadian diva.

Performances offered by the soloists of l’Atelier lyrique de Chambly, excerpted from the performance-conference « Il était une voix… à Chambly » (One upon a voice… in Chambly) presented last April 10 at the Saint-Joseph of Chambly church will illustrate important moments of l’Albani’s career. Pierre Vachon and Christiane Fournier will also share their favorite cd picks with Marie-Andrée Ostiguy in the show’s cd chronicle.

Marie-Andrée Ostiguy receives the young guitarist Karelle Girard-Huneault (Laprairie), winner of the 2010 Montée des Arts Prize of the Chœur de la Montagne Music Competition. The interview is completed by a great live performance by the 15 year-old musician.

These interviews are held in Marie-Andrée Ostiguy’s music studio, surrounded by the works of visual artist Anne Drouin (Sainte-Julie). Finally, Marie-Andrée Ostiguy completes the program with a piano performance accompanied by the musicians of the Artémuse String Quartet, and a listing of concerts to come in the region.

Broadcast schedule

First broadcast : Monday, April 26 at 2 PM
Rebroadcasts : Wenesday, April 28 at 11 PM
Sunday, May 2 at 9 PM
Vox Sorel-Tracy broadcast : Sunday, May 2 at 6 PM

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Opéra de Montréal
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