Monday November 2, 2009

Marie-Andrée Ostiguy interviewed on the « Vie Culturelle » television show

In this edition of « Vie Culturelle » shot on location at the Maison Ozias-Leduc in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Murielle Guillet meets two leading ladies of the Québec art scene, visual artist Suzanne Joubert, who is exhibiting a series of her works on site until November 29 and pianist-composer Marie-Andrée Ostiguy, who will talk about her recent showcase performance with her musicians, the Artémuse String Quartet, at the Performing Arts Exchange in Norfolk, Virginia.

This 30-minute program will be broadcasted throughout the Montréal South-Shore on the VOX (TVR-9) channel.

Broadcast schedule:
Original broadcast: Friday, November 6 at 10 AM
Rebroadcasts : Sunday, November 8 at 3 PM and 8h30 PM
Night broadcast: Monday, November 9 at 3 AM

Links :
Maison Ozias-Leduc
Suzanne Joubert
Performing Arts Exchange